Recently completed workwear branding orders for our clients

Work Polo Shirt for Bon Ltd

We present a Work Polo T-shirt with branding through embroidery, made to order by Bon Ltd.

  • High quality "Lakost" material, durable and comfortable
  • Reinforced jacket with embroidery
  • Reinforced neckline with buttons
  • Contrasting paspel elements on sides and front
  • 95% Cotton 5% Polyester / Elastane

High quality logo embroidery and advertising lettering on the front and back.


Bon LTD is a specialized producer of exclusive food for birds with exports to 20 European countries.

We at UBF have made work clothes for 500+ employees of the company: "lacost" type work polo shirts, sweatshirts (blousons) with zipper and hood, vests (warmer, half coverall and jacket) fur coat.

Branded with the company logo and embroidery for each department.

Bulgarian Equestrian Federation

BFCS Bulgarian Federation "Equestrian Sport" has been conducting organized activities since 1914. It has been a member of the International Equestrian Federation since 1928.

Competed with individual competitors and teams in eventing, dressage and show jumping at the Olympic Games in 1924, 1928, 1932, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1972, 1980 , 1992, 2000 and 2004

We at the UBF have made sports shirts for the federation: "lacoste" type sports polo shirts branded with the Bulgarian coat of arms, flag and other high-quality embroideries.

Stehr (Germany)

Stehr (Germany) is an innovative company in the field of mechanical engineering. Manufacturer of special construction machinery.

We at UBF have made work clothes for the company's employees: a zip-up blouse with a hood and a "windbreaker" type jacket.

Branded with the company logo in the form of embroidery.